find your personal meditation mantra to chant

Find Your Personal Meditation Mantra To Chant

People who have difficulty with their thoughts while meditating could benefit by chanting mantras. This article is about how to find your personal meditation mantra to chant!

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We personally use this one ourselves when meditating. Say this in your head and not out loud so your breathing isn’t interrupted.

Let it be – as it is

This is a two part chant. You say “let it be” on your first exhale then “as it is” on the next exhale.

Instead of listing out more generic mantras, we challenge you to find one that works for you.

Let’s discuss how you do that.

Find your mantra

Think about what it is you want.

Close your eyes and visualize that you have it.

It is yours, fully.

What are the first words that come to your mind during your visualization?

If your words are too long then reduce them down to at least 3 words.

Use these words to chant during your meditation.

Need extra inspiration? Art is a good way to help express yourself which could help you focus.

Consider Saatchi Art whenever you’re in the market for good art.

Having art around that you enjoy can automatically help you relax by putting yourself in a better mood.

If you enjoy your environment then it’s easier to connect with.


This concept is also known as asking the universe or manifestation.

It can be linked to the idea that everyone’s thoughts are connected electromagnetically via the earths electromagnetic fields.

However, for this article, we will relay the idea that it increases focus on your current goals.


This could be a double edged sword if you begin thinking further about your goal.

So it is important to meditate correctly.

When you meditate correctly, you detach yourself from your ego.

Doing so connects your being with your environment. If you want to meditate in a deeper state, we suggest you read this article.

The Ego

One could also say that wanting to meditate to detach yourself from your ego is also your ego attempting to feed itself.

So it’s very important that you meditate correctly to detach from the ego and see it as a separate entity.

Using mantras can trick your mind into a trance. This way, you can continue to listen to your thoughts by controlling them.

Continue the mantra long enough while meditating and you’ll learn the concept of listening to your own thoughts as a practice of meditation, eventually teaching yourself to treat thoughts as just another sound of the world around you.


Find your personal meditation mantra to chant so you can focus more deeply with a chant that works best for you. Don’t try to find the mantra. Let it come to you through visualization. Doing so will help you find a deeper chant and allow you to focus on what you want.

Do you have a favorite meditation mantra to chant? Comment below and thank you for reading!

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