Help With Overcoming Anxiety

Feeling anxious is a normal feeling. However, when one becomes too anxious, it may feel like it’s difficult to handle. Since I struggled with anxiety attacks for so long, I want to offer help with overcoming anxiety.

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I am not a medical expert.

This post is mainly for those who experience anxiety from stress and worrying.

I want to share some tips on how to overcome an anxiety attack that have helped me personally.

One way to help with overcoming anxiety is to know thy enemy and know it well.

Read this Wikipedia article about anxiety to get a better understanding.

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Relaxing environments can help

Being in a stressful environment can raise how anxious you are. If you’re able to find a place where you feel at peace, doing so will greatly help in reducing how anxious you feel.

I myself usually go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. Since bathrooms are practically everywhere so this works out well.

If I’m driving a vehicle, I pull over somewhere and lay the seat back for a minute. Find these places when you aren’t anxious so that you don’t add to your feelings if you can’t find a place.

Another key that increased my anxiety was sensing too much at once. Especially loud noises. If I turn my music up in my headphones too high then I become anxious.

Being able to block out, reduce and ignore senses that trigger your attacks is a great way to reduce anxiety during an attack. I personally learned that meditation helps control how I sense things, including my own thoughts.

Your thoughts effect how you feel, overcome them

This is how anxiety attacks usually become triggered. Here, let me explain.

Whenever you think a negative thought, you feel a negative feeling. Whenever you feel a negative feeling, you think a negative thought.

Doing so creates a feedback loop that causes a spiraling feeling.

Since anxiety comes from stressing and worrying, it is the perfect recipe for a feedback loop. I also use meditation to help myself ignore certain thoughts. I try to be more optimistic in everything I do.

Health is another important factor. Try to eat better and exercise. Look up diet plans that you feel comfortable with. Take your time when researching and start making small changes.

Of course, there are ways you can pregame to reduce feeling overwhelmed. Since stress and worrying are the culprits of anxiety, it became important that I learned how to handle these two emotions correctly.

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reduce stress to help with overcoming anxiety

You can use meditation to ignore thoughts and enforce better ones, force a smile for an entire minute, go for walks, take a vacation, find new hobbies and make new friends, sleep better, eat better and live better.

If you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed, go to a safe place and watch funny videos.

Call your friend and ask how their day is going. Don’t talk about yourself or how you feel. Just listen to them. This should help with overcoming anxiety.

Feeling anxious, worrying and being stressed are normal feelings in life. It is when we receive too much without moderation that we feel that a scale is beginning to tip.

I want you to know that you can overcome your own feelings, emotions and thoughts. You are in control and it is only a matter of time before you master this. Practice daily and take back control of your life.

Thanks for reading! Are there helpful tips you have for anyone with anxiety or experiences you’ve had? Leave a comment below.

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