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How To Let Go

Let’s talk about how to let go because holding on can become tiring. In this article we discuss how to realize, accept and release.

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Realize how to let go

The first step to letting go is realizing that you’re holding on.

Why do people hold on in the first place?

Well, everyone gets desperate in life at some point.

Our ego guides us to hold onto things as tools.

Objects, ideas and people are sometimes viewed as tools by our ego and so we commonly cling to them.

We may use them thinking they will get us to a better state of life.

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Imagine that you’re born and immediately fall down into a hole.

There are things falling with you.

You think “I’ve got to grab and hold onto this”.

And “What else can I do? I am desperate because I am falling and I am desperate because I do not know why. Since this is true, holding onto this can help me somehow. Why else would it be here?”.

See, your ego thinks it is a tool for you to manage while you’re falling.

Thinking it can be of use to you during the fall.

However, It won’t save you from the inevitable landing.

It’s only when you understand it can’t do anything for you that you let go.

We’re all going to die and yet here we are, clinging onto whatever we can.


So what can you do?

You’re in this current of life being dragged around.

You can go against it and you’ll soon realize you won’t get anywhere.

The sensible idea is to turn around and go with the flow.

Want to get out? Swim to the edge.

Whatever it is you do, whichever way you go, just swim with it.

It’s the same as sailing.

You use the wind to move the same as you use the current to flow.

Let it carry you and in doing so, you release your hold.

Because the current is you.

See, the only thing holding you back is yourself.

It’s the voice you know in your head.

The one that says “I”, “Me”, “Myself”.

That is the ego.

Your ego is gripping so tightly onto what you think you need when the only thing you need is to let go and use the momentum of the river to carry you along.

It’s inevitable to force your way.

So get with it.

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