How to use memory to improve your focus as a practice

Everyone has experienced the difficulty attempting to focus. It is difficult to do something that was never taught to you and yet still expected of you. There’s many ways to improve your focus but before you can improve it, you must know what it means to focus. In this article we will talk about using your memory to improve and recognize your focus. This way also allows you to easily practice it.

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I want you to remember a memory from grade school. Think about your favorite teacher.

What did you like about them?

Pick a moment you can remember and freeze it in your mind like a photo. Think about every detail from that moment you can remember.

Imagine your teacher telling the class to pay attention. Think about what paying attention means to you.


Let the memories come to you, do not chase them by straining. You do not need to try anymore than what you’re capable of.

Simply ask yourself questions about the details of a memory. If you strain to remember, you’re doing the opposite of focusing, you’re constricting yourself.

 If you feel this constricting feeling, similar to enduring and tension, you’re not focusing.

It’s the same as when your body works correctly, you don’t feel it. Like your stomach working. You know somethings the matter whenever a part of you feels discomfort. The same goes for remembering and focusing.

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Once you’ve gathered every detail you can about the memory from grade school, congratulate yourself. For you not only practiced memory but also focus by memory.

This exercise can be practiced daily. Anywhere, anytime.

You may have learned the term of reflecting somewhere that at the end of the day or week it is important to reflect on what you’ve done. Doing so can greatly effect your focus along with a wide deal of things beneficial to yourself. 

When you focus, you intentionally take in details from a source by sensing. These senses can do the job on their own. So stay calm, relaxed and let your environment come to you. 


Now that you have an understanding on how memory can be used to improve your focus, practice it. Furthermore, if you’re looking to meditate in a deeper state to focus on remembering, check this article out about meditation

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