learn to go with the flow

Learn To Go With The Flow

Learn to go with the flow – you must not force anything. You become one with the river and remove all destinations. Doing so will allow you to live freely without effort.

The Relationship of Flowing

The idea is to always act in accordance with the pattern of things as they exist.

Do not impose on situations.

It would be better to do nothing than interefere without knowing the relations that exist.

Just as animals live in an ecosystem.

They share a strange relationship with those they hunt and who hunt them.

It’s the idea of the friendly enemy.

The bird eats the snake, snake eats the frog and frog eats the bug.

It is the way of life.

The Dance of Life

The world is like music.

If you think the world has a destination and is purposely going somewhere, that events are supposed to happen, you’ll never see the way it is like music.

Because music has no destination.

We don’t perform nor listen to music to get somewhere.

If that were the case, the best songs would be played as fast as possible.

Music is a pattern that we listen to as it unfolds.

The same way water and clouds do not have a destination.

They aren’t going anywhere specific.

All of nature understands that the point of everything is to be wide awake right now in this moment.

As whenever you listen to music, you don’t try to listen to the entire song at once, you listen as it plays.

You listen as the pattern unfolds and watch it as it moves.

The Flow

The idea that something is supposed to happen; it’s just words as a thought in your mind.

To see all of this, you have to quit thinking.

Like whenever you listen to someone, you sometimes have to stop talking.

And so thinking is simply talking in your mind.

If you have anything to think about, just stop thinking completely.

The same works with talking, you stop talking to think.

If you want to overcome your thoughts, we suggest you read this.

Spend time without forming any ideas at all.

Just examine.

Do not attempt to cling to it as if it were something different from yourself.

If you aren’t aware of how to let go, read this.

Whenever you do this, your entire life will feel like water flowing.


Not only do you go with the flow, you become the flow. You join the world and become one with nature, life and the universe. Having difficulty relaxing? You might want to try a natural solution. If that’s the case follow this link to Shop Now For CBD Products.

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