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Live Life as a Minimalist

In this article we will discuss what minimalism is, the benefits it offers and how to start living the minimalist lifestyle. Let’s learn how to live life as a minimalist.

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Live the simple life.

What do you need to live, what are the essential means to survive?

The most common answer is food, water and shelter. and maybe that chair.

However, we now live in a complex society where social class is embedded in everything we do. Money is a major factor, including how we obtain money and how we spend it. We are advised left and right to consume by a reward driven system.

Impress people, reach success, be the best you.

Find happiness and fix all of your problems.

Just “buy this product” to get there.

Notice a trend?

Instead of fixing a problem, you are presented with new problems which you weren’t even aware existed. Then you’re offered a type of product that rewards you to fix said problem.

When you live life as a minimalist, you force yourself to break free of unhealthy patterns in finances, freedom and how much control you have in your life.

What Is Minimalism?

It’s simple. Quite literally.

Let’s break it down. Queue dance music.

Minimalist – minimum – small.

The general notion is to live your life without excess by minimizing where applicable.

Which means?…

Get rid of all the crap you don’t actually need. Hey, why stop there? Why not get rid of people you don’t need? What about ideas that no longer benefit you?

That’s what minimalism is. It’s living life with the minimum means by your standards.

Sum it up

The concept empowers freedom from being a consumer of products, people that cause problems and ideas that no longer benefit you.

You save money, live with less possessions so you don’t trip over as many things in the dark of night when going to the bathroom. You free up your time by removing people and ideas that are holding you back.

What are the benefits of living life as a minimalist?

Benefiting and gaining by having less seems contradicting at the first glance. So let’s take a deeper look at how implementing a minimalist lifestyle can actually improve your life.


Quality over quantity.

Consume only what is needed and minimize where applicable.

  • You’ll save money.

  • And save space.

  • Most importantly, you’ll save time.

Your items, friendships and ideas are based on quality which gives you more focus and a stronger purpose. This allows you to place more energy into things that really matter.


With a higher quality of life comes peace.

  • You don’t crave to impress others.

  • Your home is breathable which promotes focus.

  • More time means more control over what you do.

Events in your life become more peaceful now that you are saving money, focus better and have more time.

How can I live life as a minimalist?

Implementing a personal plan for yourself will work the best since everyone is different.

Starting to minimize isn’t difficult and can feel relieving. It’s the feeling of cleansing.

Think about which aspects of your life can be minimized. Changing things that take less time and are more in your control is the easiest way to start.

Find things you have the most control over that take the least amount of time to change.

Alright, let’s see some steps.

Reduce your items

  • Random stuff in the kitchen drawer you’ll probably never use? Trash it.

  • Have fifteen chairs in every room of your apartment and you live alone? Sell them.

  • Garage filled with unknown whatever’s? Garage sale.

How you unclutter items is up to you. Just do it and make sure it benefits you in some way. From your phone apps to furniture, remove clutter.

Walk the plank

Have people in your life that put sticks in your gears? It’s time for them to walk the plank.

For some, this is a difficult process. So, if that’s the case.. then minimize your interactions first.

You can start now by cleaning your social media, phone contacts and even making a list of soon-to-be plank walkers.

Simplify your mind

Focus on minimizing your schedule to allow more free time for youself.

Move away from fake reward systems and gain control of what you really want to focus on in life.

Minimize obstacles and simplify every process in ways that benefits you.

If you’re having difficulty letting go, we suggest you read this article: How To Let Go


When you live life as a minimalist, you’re living a life with more control and greater freedom financially, socially and mentally. Remember, you don’t need to sell everything except one chair, you minimize what you want at your pace in ways that benefit you.

What to delve deeper? Here is the Wikipedia for simple living.

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