The Perspective on Life and Death

The Perspective on Life and Death

The perspective on life and death is not a simple concept. However, you can read this article to build up your own way to face the inevitable fact that all life must encounter the end. There is no avoidance, no cheats or tricks to live forever. Even when one finds a way to prolong life, it can still be taken from us.

What is life?

Before we talk about how to face death, let’s first attempt to define what life is in the simplest way.

What we can slim it down to the obvious: life is experiencing senses.

What allows you to interact with the world is what we call senses and these senses help create a reality for you.

Whenever you die, the senses.. well, stop sensing.

Pretty simple.

What is aging?

Aging is the natural process of our bodies breaking down.

It is the outcome of complex changes in our biological functions.

The accumulation of DNA damage and communication within cells and tissues in the body also cause us to age. Our bodies are not biologically suitable to sustain life beyond our natural capabilities.

Prolonging life

Scientists are attempting to prolong our life spans by using technology and medicine to reduce and possibly halt our aging process.

One way is to place the core vitals of your consciousness into a robot and live either through a robot body or in a virtual world.

It seems far fetched but it technically could be possible if we used a combination of medicine and technology.

Why would we wish to avoid death anyways?

Is death really that bad?

Death is natural and there’s nothing wrong with dying.

What is difficult to face is why we must die, how we die and the unknown question of what comes after, if anything.

Besides, who said you’re supposed to survive?

Who was it that gave you the idea to go on and on forever?

The idea of dealing with existing after not existing is what fuels the fear of death.

However, imagine what things were like before you were born; think about what it would be like to go to sleep and never wake up. You don’t know because you never experienced it.

So what is there to fear other than wasting the experience you currently have?


Once we stop experiencing the magic of what life is, there is no point in it.

This is why people commit suicide.

Whenever the magic runs out and this strange idea we have about what life is supposed to be like doesn’t meet expectations, we don’t want it anymore.

One thing you must realize is that once you exit this reality, we have no certain way of knowing what will happen.

When one loses their sense of magic, they attempt to create or find it. We pursue it and cling onto things in life in hopes that we will obtain it once again.

The trick is to realize that magic is the experience itself, that is, you being alive.


The perspective on life and death can vary based on multiple factors. Learning to accept that you’ll one day pass is a healthy way to cope with the inevitable end we all must face. It doesn’t have to be viewed as this grim reality that society paints. The reason death isn’t bad is because all living organisms will share the experience of death, just as we do with birth.

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