Ways to Keep Your Hair Back When Trekking Outdoors

We all know how hair flies in different directions in the wind. Imagine climbing a cliff and your hair keeps flopping in the wind. Even with no wind, one wrong move and your hair can get straight in front of your eyes and you won’t be able to move it in time.

You won’t be able to see where to step next and might slip your footing and get hurt. Be safe and prepare for your perfect hair to attack your fun. Here are some ways to put your hair back and still be stylish when trekking outdoors!

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Even if you have short hair you can braid it, there are many styles to braid hair. Here are some of my favorites:

High braided pigtails! These will keep your hair out of the eyes and give you a nice sleek style.

One long traditional braid. This braid is a classic and easy to do. You can never go wrong with it. My absolute favorite go-to braid.

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Ponytails are one of the easiest ways to put your hair back and all of it! Even if you have shoulder length hair you’ll still be able to get a nice pony.

My favorite style is definitely a high ponytail. At the end of the day they will end up giving you a headache but worth how cute it looks!

Low back ponies are great also, they will never give you headaches like high ponies do and are much more easier to do.

Pig Tails

Pigtails will keep all that long hair away from your face without having it be behind your head so you’ll still be able to see your luxurious hair. You can make then high or low, whichever fits your style more. Making them buns will help more to keep hair back while you’re outdoors!

Clipped Back

Even the shortest of hair can be tamed with clips. All you need is a few clips to keep the hair out of your beautiful face! With clips you can choose any colors and any style of clip to show your personality. They could even be anywhere from banana clips to cute baby animal clips!


Easy to use, sometimes they move around on you so you might have to keep readjusting unless you use tight ones. They’re also good for catching sweat and you’ll have many different choices to choose from so you can make them with your outfit!


If your hats are tight enough then your hair won’t be moving at all! Wearing a hat will keep the sun out of your face and be a very stylish.

If you don’t have a good breathable sun blocking hat you can check out this site to get one. They have awesome adventure hats for everyone.

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