best food for traveling

Best Food For Traveling

We’ve compiled this small guide to help you decide the best food for traveling. We’ll discuss things like weight, nutrition, packaging and expiration.

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Let’s get started so you can get packing!

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Estimate traveling time for food amount

The first thing you should consider is the length of your adventure. This is pretty much the go-to decision for which food you should bring.

We’re going to assume this adventure is between 3 to 7 days long for the sake of this article.

You’ve packed everything else you need. Now you need some food to keep you alive and kicking.

Best food for traveling!

Tuna – Not the canned tuna, the pouch packaged tuna.

The pouches can withstand rain, heat and cold. They come in all kinds of flavors and tuna is packed full with protein and amino acids which help your muscles.

If you’re moving around this is a definite decision to bring along. It packs easily, has a lot of nutrition to offer and the pouches can be used for other things.

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Jerky – Easy to pack, made to last.

It’s gotta be included in the best food for traveling.

You can also chew on it to keep you calm. It’s obviously tough so you could also use it as a tool to eat other things with.

Nuts – Ah, the primitive choice.

Nuts are easy to include in your pack, very nutritious and can withstand the harsh world. No matter then length of your trip, you’ll have a chance to eat these before they go bad.

Also, you can find these bad boys in nature.

Fruit – You don’t have to carry a bag of apples around hanging from your bag.

Prepare your fruit by slicing and dicing it samurai style and placing it in a container.

If you’re worried about it going bad, invest in some dried fruit to bring along.

Salad – This is also something you should prepare and seal up for good measure.

Salad is easy to make and package.

It’s also a good source of water intake.

Throw in a paper towel to keep it fresher a bit longer.

Eggs – Yes, eggs.

Boil the eggs and keep them in their shell. They should last about 1 week.

You can keep them in a short and wide container so they pack better.


Traveling with food doesn’t have to be difficult or take up a huge part of your pack. We hope this list will help you find creative ways to carry food with you during your travel.

Of course you’ll need something to carry water.

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Thanks for reading!

If you have anything extra to add just drop a comment below to help out fellow adventurers.

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