Go Mountain Camping In North America

Go Mountain Camping In North America

Mountains are one of the best places to go camping. They harbor some of the most beautiful views of nature with secluded places to escape the world. We’re posting some of the best mountains to go mountain camping in North America. Let’s go!

It is recommended to allow time to acclimate if you’re visiting a mountain from lower altitude. It generally takes between one and three days for your body to adjust to higher altitudes

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Colorado is a popular state for camping in the United States. With 54 peaks reaching over 14,000 feet, you’re sure to find an incredible place to camp. Mount Elbert is the highest peak sitting at 14,439 feet. Let’s look at some popular choices for camping in Colorado. There are park rangers that roam throughout the mountains and many rest stops that offer bathrooms and information.

Estes Park

Go Mountain Camping In Northern America at Estes Park in Colorado

A town in northern Colorado, it’s a base for the Rocky Mountain National Park where you can find bears and elk. There’s miles of trails, peaks, forests and tundra.

Pinon Flats

Go Mountain Camping In North America

Want to experience sand dunes? This is the place. Hike through 700 foot waves of sand and even experience sandboarding. There are huge mountains which is the perfect background for photos and place to camp.

Maroon Bells

Go Mountain Camping In North America

Offering three campsites hidden behind two 14,000 foot mountains lays Maroon Lake. It’s right down the road from Aspen, Colorado if you need to hit the town for supplies.

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The gorgeous state of Oregon offers not only mountains but also sculpted coastal views and an immense forest with huge trees. With Mount Hood parked at 11,250 altitude, the rest of the mountains are at or below 10,000 feet. Let’s see where to go camping in the mountains of Oregon.

Hart Mountain

Go Mountain Camping In North America

This mountain peaks at 8,024 feet and is hiding secret hot springs. You can find antelope, sheep, deer and more roaming around.

Mount Hood

Go Mountain Camping In North America

Sitting at the base of the tallest boy in the land, Mount Hood National Forest is the perfect place for camping.

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Alaska brings in the highest mountain in North America at 20,310 feet altitude This huge state offers all kinds of wildlife and extreme activities, including camping.

King Mountain

King Mountain State Recreation Site is at the base of King Mountain right on the bank of Matanuska River. It offers 22 campsites with a ton of activities.

Denali Mountain

With 6 million acres of wilderness, The Denali National Park and Preserve is home to grizzly bears, moose, wolves, caribou and sheep. Adventurers enjoy biking, backpacking, hiking, camping and mountaineering. You can also catch the Northern Lights from Denali!


Are you interested in experiencing the world? Visiting any of these mountains should definitely be on your list! Share our article with a friend who is interested in where to go camping in the mountains. Thanks for reading!

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