The Motivational Hiking Guide You Need

The Motivational Hiking Guide You Need

Are you ready to hit some trails and experience this beautiful planet? We’re about to hand you some tips on how to go hiking like a pro with the motivational hiking guide you need. We’ve been hiking for years in all types of terrain and it’s about time you experience it yourself! Let’s go.

Why Hike?

Because you are on this rock flying through nothing around a huge ball of burning gas.

Because coronavirus has shut down a majority of the world.

Because nature is the best place to reconnect with your senses and because you clicked on this article so you already know you want to.

Hiking is Beneficial

True story, bro. Hiking is healthy for you.

Get some exercise, breathe fresh air.

Recent studies have proved that it’s even healthier if you don’t get bit by a snake and drink a lot of water before, during and after a hike.

Connecting with nature improves your mood and also promotes clearer thinking.

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Gear Up

You need to think light weight.

Your main focus is water and the little plastic bottle that’s been killing the planet with those weird screw caps just won’t cut it.

We’re here to go hiking and damn it, we’re going to do it right.

Get the best water container. No more weak sauce, the trails only accept brave souls.

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Find The Trail

We’re not talking about grandpa’s path to the shed or the path your dog made every time it escaped.

We’re talking about the epic trail.

The trail that you feel good about setting as your Facebook cover photo.

The trail where trail mix turns into dust and you snort it just to stay alive for a minute longer.

One does not simply find the trail by luck, no. The trail will call out to you through the ether and you will be led to it instinctively.

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Bring A Friend

You think you can just hike an epic trail by yourself?

I mean technically you can but bringing a friend along means a personal photographer, someone who can help you if things go south and someone to talk to so you don’t go crazy.

No one around to hike an epic trail with? No problem. Read this article on traveling with a pet.

The Hike

You’ve got your new CamelBak gear on, standing at the beginning of an epic trail with your friend.

You’re ready, you can do this. You’ve just read the motivational hiking guide, too.

It’s literally walking but with some extra steps. Pun definitely intended.

Take it slow and steady, the slower person sets the pace. Take breaks BEFORE you get tired and drink plenty of water.

Once you reach a super cool spot, snap a photo for proof of your brave journey.


Hiking IS for everyone. Get out there and explore the world before earth turns into one big plastic water bottle and we’re all fighting over who gets to live on the paper part of it. And remember, don’t step on a snake. We hope you enjoyed this motivational hiking guide, thanks for reading.

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