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The RV Camping Guide For Beginners

New to RV camping? You’ve come to the right article. We’ve compiled the best tips from people who travel every month in an RV. Let’s get started!

1. Practice makes perfect, even with rv camping

Practice makes perfect is not a cliche just because it rolls off the tongue easily. Spend a night or two in your travel trailer parked near your home. Doing this will quickly let you know what you actually want and need to bring.

2. Make a check list

Santa makes lists and everyone loves him, why shouldn’t you? After all, it’s a great idea to not worry if you forgot anything. Once you realize what all you need from the step above, make yourself a check list on paper and on your devices that is shareable with those riding along.

3. Plan for the worst

If you really want to be a happy camper, be a prepared camper. Blown out tires, parts that easily break and closed camp sites. These are just a few things you can almost expect to go bad during a trip. It’s best to have a back up plan and solutions to common problems while traveling.

4. Find your rv camping community

Finally, seek out friends or groups of people that also go RV camping. They will have experience and can help guide you. You’d be surprised how many Facebook groups there are where people can ask all kinds of questions, show off their RV and get wonderful ideas.

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Follow the steps above and you’ll be more confident and prepared on your next journey. Take lots of photos and share them in your community groups. Thanks for reading!

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