save more money during coronavirus

5 Ways You Can Save More Money During Coronavirus

Need to save money during Coronavirus pandemic? This article will explain 5 ways you can save more money during Coronavirus. Trust us, we’re new freelance bloggers so we’ve got all the money saving tips! Let’s go!

Most people are already saving money since they don’t have to pay for gas, by not eating out and not paying for activities due to a majority of business’ being shut down.

However, being inside all day can definitely raise your bills, entice you to buy more online products and change the way you will spend in the future whenever shops open back up.

Reduce Electricity

We’re all home more than usual right now so there’s a good chance the electric bill is slowly rising.

To counter this, we open our windows and blinds during the day to reduce electricity.

During the night, we only use lights that have one light bulb and keep the T.V. on until we’re ready for bed.

This is drastically reducing our electric bill!

Bulk Food

Staying in means possible boredom.

Boredom could lead to unhealthy eating habits.

I’m not saying snacks aren’t the answer to life but try to plan for only 3 main meals and 1 snack in between meals.

Buy food in bulk and practice making food that’s interesting to you!

If you usually eat out, make it a plan to look forward to and try to eat out once a week.

Save On Entertainment

Shopping online may seem enticing after being stuck in the house for a month.

We advise against it if you need to save money!

Go for a walk, play board games, make funny videos, learn and improve skills, call up friends you haven’t talked to in a while or catch up on TV shows.

There’s a million things to do without spending a single penny that actually benefits you more than whatever is in your amazon shopping cart.

Make Money Instead

Ohhh, you thought this was just going to be about saving money, right?

Nah, we will take this a step further and even see if we can make some cash!

Since you’re home more than usual, find items that no longer benefit you or things you don’t use anymore and sell it for cash.

We’ve already realized that we don’t need the extra furniture we have!

Don’t want to sell your favorite chair? Find another source of income that you actually enjoy and make more money instead of saving.

It’s technically a win – win.

Free Activities

Need a haircut, lawn mowed or something on your car fixed?

Call up a family member, friend or do it yourself.

Services you usually pay for that don’t require a complete professional can usually be found through friends or family.

If they can’t, just hop on google and YouTube and learn it yourself!

There’s so much information on the internet today we’re 100% sure you can find a how-to on literally anything.

If you can’t find an answer, just email us and we’ll write an article on it.



Saving money in a pandemic with social distancing and closed business’ seems like an ez-pz deal.

However, the balance between society and our home lives are disconnected.

Being inside raises the price of our bills, food, possibly entertainment and cuts us off from usual services we pay for.

Following the tips above can save you a pretty good amount if you stick with it for an entire month.

Make a budget plan and hang in there!

Thanks for reading. Share this with someone who needs to save money during the pandemic! Have another way of saving money? Write it in the comments below.

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